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The Bund Finance Center

The Bund Financial Center used Shone's architectural linear lights to illuminate the towers.

Light type: 


40000 pieces

Light Supplier:

Shone Lighting

The Bund Financial Center in Shanghai is actually eight towers. More than forty thousand pieces of linear lights were installed on these 8 towers. This project was finished in twenty fifteen, and the International Finance Summit was held in the next year. Many celebrities attended this meeting including Jack Ma and Wang Jianlin. These buildings belong to Fosun International Limited. You may not know this company, but it is Fosun that bought the English football club Wolverhampton Wanderers in twenty sixteen.

BFC is fully integrated mixed use real estate complex located in the heart of the Bund Financial Belt. The project covers approximately 420,000 square meters, bringing together finance, commerce, tourism, culture, arts and other areas, and will include four major business components: Office Buildings, Shopping Center, Fosun Foundation, and Wanda Reign on The Bund. BFC breaks into new heights amongst skyscrapers on the Bund.

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